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ACIM Classes

in Fall/Winter 2022~2023


To my dear English-speaking friends and students:  as you might know, I offer more in-person events and comprehensive classes in Japanese. I listed them on this page just in case you are bilingual or studying Japanese and are interested in participating. Otherwise, I hope you can begin or continue your study of A Course in Miracles with me at our weekly online class on Zoom on Tuesdays from 7 pm to 8 pm, right after our Weekly Drop-in Guided Meditation, which is from 6:30 pm to 7 pm. 



A Course in Miracles Weekly Classes in English


Tuesdays, 7 pm ~ 8 pm (New York Time / EST)

These classes are offered after the guided meditation (6:30~7:00 pm). Mostly conducted by Yasuko Kasaki, but Christopher Pelham takes her place in her absence. 

Suggested donation of $20 (or an amount you can afford) via PayPal to

The current Zoom link: 




The Basic Class (a.k.a. ACIM 101 Class) in Japanese


A Course for those who have participated or are beginning in the second or subsequent terms of the online course to build a solid foundation in ACIM. It is also a good refresher for others. Anyone is welcome to attend.


Dates & Time (Japan time) 

1 hour from 10 am 

(1) October 8 

(2) October 22

(3) November 5

(4) November 19

(5) December 3

(6) Year-end meditation (15 min.) on December 31.


Participation Fee: 

A. $120

B. Previous participants of the Online Course and Tokyo Seminar (excluding workshops): $80

C. Those who have participated in the first, second, and third terms of the online course: $40 

ACIM 101



The Fourth ACIM Online Course in Japanese



The program will begin with an intensive course on December 17 and run through July 22, 2023.

In addition to meditation, prayer, lectures, and Satsang, additional days will be devoted to healing. In addition to the live participation, you can watch recordings that will be distributed at a later date and repeated until the end of the fourth term. Let's continue to learn slowly and carefully.

The Program Summary


All lectures are given online.

A total of 23 sessions (21 sessions, which are a combination of the following ①,②,③, and ④ + two sessions of ⑤)

Meditation day or Prayer day (30 min): Yasuko's original meditation work/prayer

Lecture day (1 hour): Reviews the key study points from ACIM materials.

Healing day (30 min): Time to receive that you are the light itself.

Satsang day (1 hour): Based on your questions and sharing, we will receive answers together.

Intensive 2 hours: Time to confirm the world and its environment shown by ACIM. (Single participation is available)

** Will be held live, but ①, ②, and ③ may be recorded and streamed.
*You can view all recorded programs repeatedly on the OnlyLove.TV site.
The schedule for the following month will be announced by the end of the month.

Participation Fee

  • All 23 sessions: $230 ($210 for the subscriber of ACIM Text Commentary テキスト精読)

  • Simultaneous registration with ACIM101 A: *$330 (for ACIM Text Commentary テキスト精読 subscribers:$310)

  • Simultaneous purchase with ACIM101B *$290 (for ACIM Text Commentary テキスト精読 subscribers:$270)

  • *$250 (for ACIM Text Commentary テキスト精読 subscribers: $230) 

  • ⑤ Intensive two hours session only (with one month of recorded delivery) *$80

Those who plan to attend the "Introduction to Healing Class" on November 26 (Sat.) must register for the 4th period.

Registration will begin at 10:00 a.m. on Thursday, August 25.

To participate, please fill-out the reservation form on:クラス-第四期申込/

ACIM Japanes Course

ACIM Textbook
audio recording commentary
in Japanese



For those who are committed to studying ACIM, Yasuko recites each paragraph of the ACIM textbook and adds commentaries for about five minutes a day. Accessible only by subscription for various lengths. 

30 days access: $35

Monthly auto-payment with the one-year subscription: $30/month

One year subscription: $329

ACIM Textbook commentary
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